After one year, the band Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (aka M.i.p.V) will perform again in Berlin with the usual guitar + drums formation, on June 9th 2017.

The concert will take place at a cultural house in Berlin-Neukölln, one of the classical night life neighborhood of the city.

Since 2010, M.i.p.V has a continued participation on the Berliner alternative scene and released already two albums in Germany. The third Album ‚Modus Continuous‚, produced in Berlin and New York, was released by Yellow Castle in 2016, and will be distribute online by the Brazilian Label Tratore.

M.i.p.V (trip rock / avantgarde rock)

@ Werkstatt der Kulturen (Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin, close to Hermannplatz)

June 9th.2017 

_  LauraL (guitar) featuring Oliver Rivera Drew (Martin Bisi, Mary Ocher) on drums.



some german Press reviews:

“Wow. This is finally a real discovery. „M.i.p.V II“-is not a surprise- is the second album of the duo, and that really is very wonderful and (as far as is possible in these times of post-post-modernists) an innovative mixture of krautrock, Post-punk and Post-Rock. And you can absolutely compare with something like Neu!, Durutti Column and Tortoise: a clear and sharp drums, a menacing bass from the beginning of the 80’s, a controlled experimentalism and guitar with psychedelic attitude. Once again: Wow. “ Karsten Zimala (Westzeit-2012)

“ ‚M.i.p.V II‘ is the second album and in my opinion, especially impresses with a sound that always takes me away, back in the 80’s“, MF (Revolver clube.de -2012)

„Sometimes quiet, sometimes faster, but never frenetic, M.i.p.V produces a dream sound like has no beginning and no end, but follows a wide road. Loops bring a variation and “Medo da Morte” („Fear of death“), with the invited singer Miss Vergnügen, falls properly in this context. “ Giuliano Benassi (laut.de -2012)

Press / Brazil:

„and from Porto Alegre comes a band that faithfully reflects the spirit of the title of your CD (“Músicas intermináveis para Viagem” – ‘Endless Music for Tripping‘). (..) The entire disc is a sensory experience. (…) The songs don’t reach the minimalism of Phillip Glass, but it sure leaves endless questions who listens to this wonderful work of a band that was already in Germany and soon starts traveling to promote one of the best instrumental CDs released last year „. Luciano Vitor (Dynamite online-2007)

„Open your mind and let in the ‘Músicas intermináveis para Viagem’, duo from Porto Alegre that opens up the common song structure to concentrate on interesting instrumental themes that are based on rock, but they bring the influence of trip hop, jazz and electronic music. The thing here is not no-holds barred experimentalism, but rather what they call ‘trip rock’, made from ‚travelers‘ guitar fingerings. “ Gustavo Mini (Ipanema FM online-2006)

„The Gaucho group of lengthy name makes a very interesting instrumental sound, retro and full of atmospheres and trips. Something trip rock. The overlapping guitars are explored as electrically conducting elements of the trip. The highlight is really for the intricate themes and textures of very creative landscapes. „ (Tribuna do Norte online-2007)