LauraL _ noise-experimental solo set

guitar + processed sounds + videos

@ Eschschloraque, Berlin

June 20th,

LauraL explores unconventional and harmonic sounds of the guitar, mixed with field recordings, processed sounds and experimental videos. The movement of natural elements in the urban space and their possible sounds are the ‚Motiv‘.

What is natural? What contains or means human interventions? These are some of the questions to research and to develop in this new improvisational piece.


video – research for a noise-experimental set :


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…don’t miss this other opportunity to see M.i.p.V solo set in an intimiste atmosphere,
sharing the stage with a very interesting composer from Bristol, Matt Elliot, dark folk (Matt Elliott/The Third Eye Foundation), in a special location…

14.05, Montag / May 14th, Monday

M.i.p.V solo set

@ Petersburg Art Space, Berlin

LauraL, guitar (trip rock, minimal, experimental)

opening the concert of Matt Elliott (The Third Eye Foundation)

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