Yellow Castle – arts & actions is an independent Music Label and Eventbüro based in Berlin (Germany).

We are focused in independent artists, including music, visual and performing arts. Among our goals is also to do compilations and to promote independent artists from the experimental Latin America’s scene on Europe.

Yellow Castle as a Label works with the band Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (aka M.i.p.V) and the guitarist LauraL (aka Laura Leiner), which manages and organizes this office. Besides her activity as musician, Laura brought from Brazil a large experience as manager, journalist and curator. In Berlin, she collaborates with the Berliner agency amSTARt (Ran Huber) and since 2012 she organizes concerts in Berlin, as well as tours on Europe and Latin America.

some Events by Yellow Castle:

  • M.i.p.V – online release; jun.2012 – Prinzessinnengarten, Berlin
  • LauraL solo – ‚Musik für Vernissage‘ – Zeitzone Galerie, Berlin
  • M.i.p.V + G-Punkt Effekt – dez.2012 – Loophole, Berlin
  • Grito Rock Berlin Festival – march.2013 -AckerStadtPalace, Berlin, with the bands Louis Lingg and the Bombs (Paris); Barracuda Project (Caxias do Sul/Brazil); The Dust Road (Manaus/Brazil); M.i.p.V – aka Músicas intermináveis para  Viagem (Berlin/Brazil); Quinze Meses (Duisburg/Brazil)  http://tnb.art.br/oportunidades/grito-rock-mundo-2013/grito-rock-berlin-festival/
  • M.i.p.V Tour in Latin America – march/april.2013 – Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile
  • Flu (Brazil) + Los Mares – ago.2013 – AckerStadtPalast, Berlin
  • M.i.p.V 10 years Tour (+ single release) – march/april/may/dez.2014 + jan.2015 – Brazil, Chile, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain
  • M.i.p.V single release (M.i.p.V + rant + Guts Pie Earshot) – dez.2014 – Marie-Antoinette, Berlin.
  • Yes, we can fly _ warm-up, with M.i.p.V Pocket & Dead Sentries @ Loophole, Berlin, 28.04.2016
  • Yes, we can fly! – Konzerte, Releases, Austausch       12.06.2016 @ SO36   https://www.facebook.com/YesWeCanFly2016/
  • LauraL, solo project ‚Darkness is Good‘, @ Eschschloraque, 23.11.2016,                       @ Spektrum, April.2017
  • Pan & Circus, Kulturbistro, vegan food & experimental arts @ Galerie ZeitZone, Berlin, March-April,2017
  • M.i.p.V – Modus Continuous Tour Brazil – dez.2016

  • Sentimental Punk @ Vorspiel CTM/Transmediale, Feb/March 2017
  • Studio Aliens Fest @ Tommyhaus, April.2018


on going projects:

new music videos of M.i.p.V _ release 2018


new release of Grilowsky/Leiner, Guitar Sessions II, noise – experimental

to listen: Guitar Session, 2015 https://grilowsky.bandcamp.com/album/guitar-session-2015



Artists and projects supported by Yellow Castle in Berlin:

M.i.p.V – aka Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (Endless music for Tripping)

instrumental trip rock / post-punk / experimental


LauraL – guitarist/composer  

ambient, experimental, improv



Guitar Sessions


Sentimental Punk, project of Dafne Narvaez

visual arts + experimental music


our Partners and Collaborators:


Kollektiv Dunkerstrasse

A Livraria

DJ Niki Matita

DJ Joe Le Taxi

Studio Aliens (Brazil-Germany)



flyer loophole 02.05

cartaz 27.04 bx


flyer loophole_ 28april2016_low


ywcf foto pb flyer camera web 3

flyer pan & circus _ 28.03_plakat 2

pan & circus 25 04 _ info-flyer

xb liebig promo flyer 5c1 web





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