Sonic Sound Space

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Sonic Sound Space (SSS) is a project focused in sonic experiments, sound art and experimental art. In its fourth and special edition, the project brings together 12 experimental artists, from pop to poetry, to give an insight into their current creation.

The project had been organized since 2019 by Laura Leiner (Yellow Castle Label – M.i.p.V). It started on Mai 26.2019, in collaboration with the visual artists and performers Werner Kernebeck and David Braithwaite, at the Neon Kunst Galerie (Berlin-Neukölln), wich is temporarely without musical performances.

This new interdisciplinary version, with concerts, performances and experimental videos, will happen at the Zeitzone Galerie, also an active and plural place for local artists from Kreuzberg and Berlin. Sonic Sound Space will continue to promote the free scene from Berlin and at the same time to help local venues, that are also with difficulties because of the pandemic.

The SSS #4 will be an hybrid event, live (with audience, 2G+ or 3G Event) and online/live streaming, broadcasted to Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. And our project was selected by Musikfonds Projektförderung in the last round in 2021 (3. Förderrunde 2021)! Thanks to Musikfonds / Neustart Kultur / BKM.


Project goal _ One of the objectives of the project is to create space for experimental music, its varied nuances and related arts, which also includes performance, visual arts and a search for different modes of expression, especially in these pandemic times. The project is aimed at everyone interested in experimental music and experimental art, showing a wider audience what’s going on in Berlin’s independent scene.


Experimental short videos _ Selected by an open call, we will screen four experimental short videos made by artists from Berlin between concerts. Open call will be annouced in our social medias (Facebook) and other linked channels:

Open call for experimental videos, from Jan.10th, deadline: Jan.25th.2022.

Those interested can apply their video of up to 8 minutes in length, in full HD format, sending a description of their work, photo/frame and link to the video, to the e-mail address
On 31 January, the four (4) selected videos will be announced and each video artist will receive 50 euros in support.

Infos @ Yellow Castle and


Sonic Sound Space is curated by Laura Leiner (Yellow Castle/M.i.p.V/LauraL). The performer Gaby Bila-Günther (aka Lady Gaby) will host the event, giving to the viewers information about the musicians and the lineup of this new SSS edition, besides the showing of experimental videos. The team of the project brings together artists from different scenes from Berlin, and was made thinking about diversity and women in the artistic scene.

When and where _ Februar 12th, 2022 – / Februar 13th, 2022 – @ Galerie Zeitzone, Adalbertstrasse 79, Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Free entrance (Donation will be asked, 5€ – 10€). 2G+ / 3G Event. (Bring your negative corona test)

Live streaming: Youtube, FB, Instagram (@lauraleiner9911)

Line-up & Team

We have ten attractions in the lineup and behind the cameras we also have filmmakers and other artists sharing their knowledge in the technical field as well.
SSS brings together musicians, poets, performers, visual and video artists. Our lineup also brings artists based in Berlin from Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Ecuador, Finland, Italy, Österreich, Romania, Turkey and USA.


Afghanistan Mon Amour (Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt/Power, accidental guitar, synthesizer, experimental)

Elsye Suquilanda & Jarno Eerola (poetry & electronic music)

Agente Costura (electronics, sewing machine)

Laura Mello (performance, electronics)

Llikettim (something experimental)

Presentation/Moderation: Lady Gaby


Feb 13th

Claudius (electronic, experimental) world premiere

Sofía Salvo (improvised, sax)

Laura.aLL (ambient, guitar, electronics)

Korhan Erel (electronics, synthesizer)

JD Zazie (experimental DJ, avant-turntablist)

(each performance about 30 min)

Presentation/Moderation: Lady Gaby


with us:

Camera/live streaming: Denise Garcia Bergt & Laura Leiner

Press: Ran Huber (amSTARt)

Presentation/Hostess: Gaby Bila-Günther

Sound engineer: Utku Tavil (Multiversal project)

Scenario: Miss Tobi

Dokumentation: Diana Ruge Roese

Assistents: Nylton LP Grillo (stage) / Marla de Viegas (aka Marla Roots, Kasse, Corona rules control)

Artistic direction and Production: Laura Leiner

Local: Galerie ZeitZone, Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Sonic Sound Space is curated by Laura Leiner (Yellow Castle/M.i.p.V/LauraL/Laura.aLL).



More about our line-up and team (short infos):

Laura.aLL (aka Laura Leiner, LauraL) is a guitarist, experimental composer and sound artist. Since 2004 she plays in the band Músicas intermináveis para Viagem (M.i.p.V) – “Endless Music For Tripping”, with three released albums in Brazil and Germany. She is an artist and researcher with a multi-disciplinary background encompassing music, performing arts, sound art, photography, video, curatorship, chemistry and communication-journalism. Laura was born in Brazil and began her artistic career in the 80s, studying music and theater at the Art Institute (Instituto de Artes) of Ufrgs (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil). In Brazil, over the course of 20 years, she participated in a variety of artistic projects, including concerts, performances and theater pieces, as well as doing artistic direction/curatorship for cultural events and working for newspapers. Since 2009, Laura has lived in Berlin. Among other projects, envolving public spaces and site specific applications, she has developed a concept for concert-installation and dark ambient music, using guitar/strings, looped videos, field recordings and processed sounds.



JD Zazie _ is an experimental DJ, avant-turntablist and sound artist living between Berlin and Bolzano. Coming from a DJ and a radiophonic background JD Zazie  has explored over the years different approaches of real-time manipulation on fixed recorded sound. In her work she redefines DJ and electroacoustic activities. As a solo performer, in small groups or large ensembles she moves in an area which is constantly stretching the borders of what is supposed to be DJ mixing, free improvisation and composed music.
Intended as music instruments CDjs, turntables and mixer are her tools to mix the specific sound-sources she plays (mostly electronic music, electroacoustic music, musique concrète, field recordings and improvised music).
The typology of the sound-sources varies from already existing audio publications and sound effects, to self recorded audio files – as live-set and field-recordings -,  to selected pre-mixed material. Juxtaposition, decontextualization, fragmentation, repetition, sonic texture, scratch and error are elements of the grammar adopted to relate, organize and rearrange the sound material.
In her sound installations she explores everyday life, refers to urbanism and relates to sound atmosphere. She is art director of “MuseRuole – women in experimental music” festival“, is a member of the Burp Enterprise collective and broadcasts monthly on Colaboradio and on She has participated in numerous exhibitions and events including SeaNaps festival (DE), Alternativa festival (CZ), Braille Satellite (LT), A L’Arme! festival (DE), Simultan festival (RU), Berlin Atonal (DE), All Ears (NO), Sonic Protest (FR), Heroines of Sound (DE), Reheat festival (AT), High Zero festival (US), Music Unlimited #27 (AT), Tuned City Bruxelles (BE), Open Provocation festival (UK), Festival Rue du Nord (CH), Audiograft 2012 (UK), Echtzeitmusiktage 2010 (DE), STEIM’s Turntable Night #7 (NL), Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst (DE).

JD Zazie


Llikettim / (aka Friedrich Greiling / MitteKill)

Friedrich Greiling lives in Berlin. As a freelance composer, lyricist, performer, singer and songwriter for various theatre, pop and film productions, he has already worked artistically and musically with Turbo Pascal on the production Völkerwanderung at the Deutsches Theater, for the production Wechselstube and the Parkaue project Zack-Zack-Demokratie. Under his direction, participants in the participatory project From A to Be – Transport/Art for free (Sound Development City 2015) have independently developed and performed musical pieces. Furthermore, Greiling has developed sound installations for performance groups such as Interrobang, Frl. Wunder AG, Futur2Konjunktiv and Tanja Krone and is the head of the Berlin band Mittekill, the country rock band Die Bäume and producer of technoid dance music under the pseudonym FreeDaRich and develops musical workshops for people with intellectual disabilities.

Friedrich Greiling


Laura Mello _ „A voice is a person in sound.“ Brazilian composer, sound artist and performer living and working in Berlin, Laura Mello likes to play with motifs taken from the spoken language and from field recordings. In her instrumental compositions, sound installations, interventions and performances, she explores the human perception for acoustic phenomena in relation to the spoken language. Her compositions, installations, performances and interventions have been seen and heard in several festivals and radio broadcasts around the world, the latest at the Festival Heroines of Sound. She was artist-in-residence at Museumsquartier in Vienna and at the Kulturakademie Tarabya in Istanbul. Laura is part of Errant Sound since 2016, and directed the *Topia Sound Art Festival in 2021. For Sonic Sound Space, she is preparing a new performance from the series “Composing for Many Media Including Me”.

Laura Mello


Korhan Erel _ is an Turkish electronic musician, improviser, composer and sound artist based in Berlin. Erel’s music covers free improvisation, conceptual sound performances as well as structured and composed pieces, music for contemporary dance, theater and video art. Erel performs solo, duo and group performances with improvisers, jazz musicians, dancers, in ensembles and orchestras.
Current projects and bands include The Liz (with Liz Allbee and Liz Kosack), Ephemeral Fragments (with Florian Walter and Emily Wittbrodt), Nervous Entanglement (with Malte Jehmlich), Serene (with Laia Genc), Lettow Erel (with Gunnar Lettow).

Korhan Erel at Sensorium, Art Station Dubulti


Agente Costura (aka Lisa Simpson) _ Performed with sewing machines turned into noise boxes, Agente Costura’s improvisations are based on stitching and mending. The repetitiveness of an amplified machine is layered with melodic features of self made wearable electronic instruments, combined within a thrilling visual performance. Lisa Simpson plays solo and in different constellations of artists, musicians, dancers, and curious audiences.

Lisa Simpson has been playing the Singer, a sewing machine, since 2003. In the daytime she tackles unwanted clothing, pins them down and cuts them up, transforming them into new wearable shapes. By transforming wardrobes she is questioning contemporary consumption habits, bringing forth a discussion around the sustainability of the fashion industry. At nighttime the Singer joins her fellow musicians and Lisa sews to the beat of the music, improvising on clothing based on rhythm and sound. The prepared sewing machine is amplified to become a musical instrument and layers of sound are looped as layers of fabric are stitched together, creating a dreamlike soundscape, enhanced by self built wearable oscillators and feedback machines.

Agente Costura


Elsye Suquilanda (1979 Quito, Ecuador) writer, poet, video artist, animal rights activist. Author of the poetry books:  Lensi Lusikka Suussa,030- Berlín, Agua de Mono eau de Toilette Spree, Transición de Cenicienta de Späti, Te envío mis amígdalas en una paloma mensajera, Compatriota rescatada en Berlín por el Chichoismo, Cortina de circo popular, Nalgas. Co-Autor of : Vientre de un Elefante Violeta. Animal rights story : Julieta, la perrita que se cree humana. Her writings and poetry have been translated into German, English, French, Finnish, Portuguese, Japanese and Shuar. She began to write stories at the age of 6, poetry that would later become books, essays, plays and film scripts. Co-creator of the Dogsofia „Chichoismo“ by means of the art to teach love and respect to all living creatures.  „…and her Maestro is a dog named Chicho“. She has lived in Berlin since 2008, working at Kollektiv Dunckerstrasse. Poetry 100% ecuaterrestre made in Berlin.

Elsye Suquilanda
Jarno Eerola

current video:

Jarno Eerola is a startup artist from Finland with 20 years in the game founding several tech startups, music and visual projects. Releasing music under names Joe Le Bon and Aitokaiku with three albums, singles and apps out there. His musical career spanning more than twenty years and encompassing releases on labels such as International Deejay Gigolo Records, Pro-Tez, Plastik.FM and Blumenbeat. Alongside his own output the Berlin-based artist has written tracks and remixes for numerous producers, most notably composing DJ Hells chart- smashing remix of Tim Deluxe ‚Transformations‘ which saw six continuous weeks at number one on Beatport. With his album „House Music Love Music“ he delivers a sublime body of work that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home or the middle of a dance floor, each and every track oozes depth and sits as a true testament to his abilities in the studio. But he is not only a DJ and Producer. Toured conferences and festivals across Europe and Russia building audiovisual installations with music from the aurora borealis, Finnish sauna, human DNA, Ebola Virus, Bitcoin transactions, Crypto market and even data collected from the crowd at conferences including Brian Eno (Composer), Richie Hawtin (DJ) and Mike Butcher (editor, TechCrunch).  For tech and music conferences like BlockShow Europe, SLUSH Helsinki, Tech Open Air and Sónar Barcelona, Jarno created unique and interactive experiences harnessing the event visitors into energetic audiovisual shows that boosted their networking mood. Today, Jarno continues the work of learning from animals and collaborating with them by creating music and new experiences that helps us to understand our world better. Jarno presented his latest collaboration with bees at a conference in Stockholm in November 2020.


Sofía Salvo _ is a baritone sax player, improviser, and composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently living in Berlin, Germany. Her performances include a strong combination between acoustic noisy sounds and dark introspective melodies. Born in Buenos Aires in 1994, she began playing alto sax at the age of 12 and studied classical music at Conservatorio de musica de Morón Alberto Ginastera and jazz at Escuela de Arte Leopoldo Marechal. Currently she focuses on collaborating with other performers and working on digital edition of field recordings and sounds.

Sofía Salvo


Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (Afghanistan Mon Amour, duo mit Brigitte Bauer, aka Power) _ He is a Berlin based american performance artist , musician, free improvisator and composer of experimental music, independent video content producer, musical theatre writer/composer of experimental Drone Drama (Music For The Dead), now currently being filmed by California – based visual artist Cecelia Chapman. Poet/Writer/Composer/Producer for Short Poems from the Diaries of the Great Migration which has been published at Hortus Conclusus Records, artistic director of the music labels Hortus Conclusus Records & Friends of Sagittarius Records and Friends of Sagittarius Festival , artistic director and curator of Magic Mitte Cinema. The compositions from Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt are performed and recorded live using the accidental guitar method invented by the artist, the sounds created are raw, roots, mysterious, power, grit, obscure, industrial, ambient, epic, and tranquilizing aesthetics, has published over 500 hundred album, collaboration, and compilation releases. Performs and releases under the names: MoreBlackThanGod, Drone Messiah, The S&M Trio, The S&M Accidental Orchestra, The Return of The Think Thing, Tradishion, Hildeguard, Hortus Conclusus Live, PNYX, Mc Plane of Existence, Black Unicorn, Snow White. The Accidental Guitar Method is a holistic well-founded concept envolving the creation of sounds and worlds of sound by combining the guitar with disortion effects, rejection of all forms of rehearsals or planning, and the atmosphere and the setting, the people, conditions and moods in the respective room lead to a contextualization of his music. SDCM has performed in various avant-garde & experimental festivals in Europe & USA. In August 2021 Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt and Power (aka Brigitte Bauer) founded the Afghanistan Mon Amour, an avant-garde experimental music duo of visionary magnitude.

Afghanistan Mon Amour was founded in August 2021 by Brii Bauer aka Power (synthesizer, theremin, voice, cut up loops & electronics) and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (accidental guitar, voice, cut up loops, & electronics). AMA is recognized for their live performances & recordings where they communicate in a language of a spiritual growth and connection. The sounds that they create take the audience in different realms of dimensions, which challenges the participants and go deep under their skin. Since the founding of AMA the project has released three live albums, two conceptual albums & a remix compilation album, AMA has recently collaborated with the renowned artist Käthe Kruse (Die Tödliche Doris) who provided poetry & voice to a album release of majestic sonic discoveries baked & booked in three chapters.

Bri Bauer (Brigitte Bauer) aka Power has been busy organizing the Viennese underground scene for years and was a member of the live improvisation projects Bird People, S.E.P. , founding member & singer of the underground experimental punk band Ausländer. Bri Bauer has been curating various events all though Europe, including being curator of events at Donaufestival Krems, and has worked as  a music journalist for many years and co-worked on the publication round the viennese underground-scene „AUZine“. Among other projects, she is founding member of the artist and DJ collectives Love Is Strange, Arsyugoslaviae or Pussy Trio. She works with the cut-up technique to rearranje and decontextualize loops, and creates spherical tones on her self-made theremin.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
Afghanistan Mon Amour


Claudius (aka Tim Lehmacher) is an visual artist and started in the experimental music with two recently relesead albums. He does his premiere and first gig in the project Sonic Sound Space.



with us:

Gaby Bila-Günther _ (aka Lady Gaby) Performance artist, spokenword poetess and visual artist, originally from Romania, arrived in Berlin via Melbourne. Widely published, her spoken-word, poetry, short stories and non-fiction articles have appeared in international journals, online sites, CD compilations, magazines and literature anthologies. She has performed, curated & showed text based, photos, collages and video works at many galleries and festivals all across Europe, Australia and New York City.

She hosted monthly poetry & performance show Fuel, Berlin’s wildest spoken word show at Schokoladen Club, Mitte, performance poetry show, Movin’ Along with VERSES at Sin Club, Kreuz-Köln, the regular performance and live music night at the KINGKONGKLUB, UNPARTY and organised workshops, exhibitions, readings at galleries and her private studio/salon Wonderbar.

Presently she hosts the monthly show The Word Bank Radio show, on 88.4fm & the performance event, The Poetic Groove. Lady Gaby performs in the feminist, queer & burlesque show, The Cunt LAB and is part of the international performance artist feminist Berlin based group, Normative Gaze in Performance Art and The Domestic Mapping, member in the collective, The Poetry Brothel Berlin and has recently been voted on the board of APAB (Association of performance art in Berlin). Between January till June 2019, as visiting artist @ Uni of Arts, Ostrawa; Czech Republic as well as curator of Berlin Ostrawa exhibition, in June 2019 at Soma gallery, Berlin.

Lady Gaby

Miss Tobi _ (S)he’s a 44 year old male born transgender anarchist living in Berlin who makes amazing metal sculptures, plays in several performance art groups and is also a part-time physical therapist.

Denise Garcia Bergt _ is an activist, journalist and filmmaker. She was born in Brazil and moved to Berlin in 2008, where she started working on the documentary ‚Residenzpflicht‘. She was active in the ‚Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants‘ and in the camp at Berlin’s Oranienplatz. In December 2012, together with other activists, she founded the International Women’s Space in the former Gerhart Hauptmann School in Berlin, which was occupied by refugees and activists. At the end of 2015, she published the book ‚In Our Own Words‘ with texts by and about women.

Ran Huber (Pressereferent) _ Ran Huber founded amSTARt to give friendly bands a platform. Since then, amSTARt has organised well over 1000 concerts (Camera, Christiane Rösinger, Jens Friebe, Chuckamuck, Masha Qrella, Dagobert, Ladytron, ratatat …). Ran Huber has been active as a musician, auteur filmmaker and multimedia artist. Besides his current work as a curator, promoter and organiser, he is a DJ and writer.

Werner Kernebeck (Graphic designer) _ Werner is a graphic designer and visual artist and has helped develop Sonic Sound Space with David Braithwaite (Gallery Neon Kunst) and Laura Leiner by designing the artwork for the project. He also works in the collective Czentrifuga as a performer and participates in several group and solo exhibitions.

Sound engineer /Tontechniker: Utku Tavil (musician, event organizer – Multiversal project)

Dokumentation: Diana Ruge Roese (Fotografin und Buchhalterin)

Aufbau/Abbau/Bühne: Nylton LP Grillo (Musiker und Roadie)

Kasse, Corona-Regel Kontrolle: Marla de Viegas _ aka Marla Roots, she is a former drummer and percussionist of a Maracatu group in Berlin before sadly to have a stroke, and despite her mobility restritions, she continues to perform in Berlin as DJ Marla Roots.

Künstlerische Leitung, Kuratorium und Produktion: Laura Leiner (aka LauraL, Laura.aLL)


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